"What have you done this week?"

"What have you done this week?"

By Ewen Chia| Life

Ewen ChiaI’ve read many self improvement books since I was a teenager (not that long ago!) and the common thread among most of them is…

Write down your goals!

It’s a simple task that works to steer your mind but 99% of us DON’T do it.

Well I don’t either. Not often enough anyway.

Lets not even talk about New Year resolutions lol.

Have you heard about creating a “Life List”?

For example, 10 things you would want to do before your time on earth is up.

It’s a grand goal indeed when most people don’t even KNOW what they want. Think about it.

“You can’t achieve what you want – when you don’t even know what you want.”

That’s my own invented little quote by the way. Hope it makes sense.

Even though we don’t often write down our goals, I think it’s important to at least do something meaningful every week.

Stuff that enrich our lives and plant memories in our minds as grand experiences.

It could be little things or big things, doesn’t matter.

What have you done this week you can REMEMBER?

I can’t remember many things as I’m a rather forgetful person, however some things when done can be easily remembered because of the FEELINGS and EXPERIENCES attributed to them.

It could be simple things like watching a great movie, or doing something “out of the ordinary” than what you’ll normally do.

For example, I travel often and hardly watches movies on the plane as I’ll be on my computer. I do remember 3 months back when I did decide to watch 3 movies in a row though. Really enjoyed Wolverine too. Brings out the animal in me 😉

Just yesterday, I caught Shrek Forever After in 3D and it was GREAT. Really nice kids movie that made me feel young and happy again.

In fact I did a lot of things this week I can easily remember…

I launched this new blog, worked on a major business plan, spoke at length with my lawyer, bought a new car! (no, the events are not related to each other)

Here’s the car, it’s a Mercedes M Class:

Mercedes Mclass

Cars in Singapore are crazily expensive because of taxes etc. and I paid over S$250,000 for it. But it’s worth it because of the EXPERIENCE now and in the future.

I don’t profess to be a Mercedes fan but I’ve still got my other Eclass coupe which is simply AMAZING…

Mercedes Eclass Coupe

I’m sharing this with you to hopefully inspire you.

I’m an ordinary guy who got a start on the internet and became successful because I KNEW, WANTED and TASTED success even before I succeeded.

That’s the key – it’s about wanting it bad enough.

Some people call it the…


Do YOU have that?

You must have it to succeed in ANYTHING – life, business, relationships.

The starting point?


Nothing happens overnight but it will happen if you want it to.

“Nothing ventured, nothing gain.”

Stick to your guns.



  1. Wes

    Hey Ewen,

    I know this is kinda irrelevant, but your header photos remind me of “Steel Head Master” in Shaolin Soccer.

  2. Lei

    Ewen, you’re look cute.

  3. Michael

    Hi Ewen, ( personal mesage to you)

    Thanks for the programs.

    I got a massive hit early on in the finance crisis, local income dried up and I even lost my internet connection. I will be going through your
    program soon ( I believe every word you say) but first I am trying to tie up a deal that i’m hanging onto by the shirt tails. I have a European registered design that I proto’d in China that took alll my money before the financial crisis hit.
    and which almost saw me living on the streets (thank God for my wife)I want to use your techs to promote my product some day soon, and I will definetly wnt to set up additional income streams with some of your stock when that time comes.



  4. Craig Caron

    Thanks Ewen. This stuff is great. Thanks for the inspiration.

  5. Peter Beckenham

    Hi Ewen,

    It’s nice to see a little more of the personal side of you. No doubt you are always in demand so taking the time to create this personal blog must have been a big decision…after all you do not have to do this for branding or name recognition.

    With all your existing commitments to add another re this blog was only going to add more pressure on your already crowded schedule.

    I have just started a personal blog to try and develop the branding you have already achieved! That’s why I asked this question.

    Ewen you must have a fantastic planning system in place to allow you to do all your projects. Your capacity to do this really inspires me as I FOCUS to me is such a little word BUT so hard to maintain!

    Thanks a million…you’re a hero mate!

  6. Jeffery


    A fellow Singaporean here. I do set that goal of making it online but a few obstacles are in the way….like why can’t I pass the barrier of getting traffic, why no one sees my site, what can be changed. Since you say knew, wanted and tasted success, well I want that too. Anyway I can get you to mentor me as your fellow countryman? I feel that there’s just that 1 piece missing in this puzzle of making money online. Help!

  7. ohthat'soo

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    this comment,i hope you will check my photos out there.maybe you are the one who
    i’m looking for!!!

  8. ruby poisall

    Hi Ewen,
    You are Incredible,& have helped me through
    my Jungles in more ways
    than you will ever know!
    Thank You so much,
    ***ruby ellen***

  9. jesse

    Very simple yet so true Ewen. Thank you for the inspirational post. Its hard to keep going and stay motivated when you feel like your doing everything you can do to be successful and you still struggle and can’t quite find the key to prosperity. THAT is when these post are uplifting and inspiring. Thank you sir.


  10. Ashraf

    Thank’s Ewen,
    for all i hope i can chang by your help and support.
    have a nice day.

  11. Sally Neill

    Hey Ewen, I am quite organised online now so if I was asked that question I could easily check my diary, I dont have a “life list” so I guess that’s the next thing I should be doing. Your new car is GORGEOUS! Sally 🙂

  12. Alberta

    Success begins in our thinking. Physical and financial well being is tied to our thought life
    To RE-DEFINE the meaning of success is the willingness to endure PAIN-the pain of starting over and forgiving,letting go of the hurt- Finding a new way of thinking. Anyone can have success,but everyone is not willing to bare the pain.
    I’ve been looking for new wealth-building concepts.
    T0 access sources of success I have never known before.The money is needed to get bills paid and
    keep my house. This is what I have worked on this
    week.Plus develop a belief in myself so I never
    give up a positive attitude.
    Thanks for your email Keep making your music It is new thoughts for your soul account.TAKE CARE!

  13. Steve Joyner

    Thanks for the reminder and the inspiration you speak of. I’m going to write the goals down and stick to my objectives. Have been at the IM business only a few months but I do have a burning desire to succeed and know that it will happen. I also know that you have to Make Success Happen as well. Thanks again Ewen!!

  14. Sid

    Hi Ewen.
    I enjoy reading your site or blog here. You deserve those cars. I am following your footsteps now.

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  16. Sue Schlaiffer

    Hi Ewen,
    You are such an inspirational guy and you have clearly worked hard to be where you are. I will be putting my heart and soul into my business now and I will succeed thanks to guys like you who show us the way.

  17. Michael Romero

    Thanks Ewen. You are truly gifted. I would like to see some writings about how you stayed focused on your business when you were a newbie.
    Focus is my main problem.
    Thanks again.

  18. Robin Goodwin

    Hi Ewen

    Surprisingly enough I too play Keyboard and write loads of songs that nobody often gets to hear.
    I started out as a youngster playing a double row accordian then moved to a guitar and piano accordian . Every thing I self tought and play by ear.

    So knowing that you started out in very similar circumstances maybe I can be as succesfull in my online venture . Havent actually tasted success in that field yet but I won’t be giving up trying.

    Yes I can remember what I done this past week. Spent 95% of the time working my usual day job for someone else. Today has been spent digging the garden potatoes so feeling a bit stiff in the legs this evening.
    Heading out tomorrow Sunday to work on one of our properties which is some 30 miles down the road. We went last week end to our 8,000 acre sheep farm.
    I like to keep busy as I am a kind of workaholic.

    Seldom get to bed untill the early hours. Mostly spending my time on the computer doing the accounts and surfing the net.

    The internet is a really good place to find that almost impossible product, just wish I could persuade some people to find my online products. I guess I am not using the correct subject headers but practice I am sure will get me there in the end.

    Thanks Ewen for the very good advise in your emails I certainly have learned in the past couple of weeks a lot more than I did the past 5 years on the internet.

    I think one of the problems I have with getting something really good going is that I start to many projects at once.

    all the best

    Robin G

  19. Patricia

    Hello Ewen,
    I love your story,inspirational,informative.
    Thank you for your lessons.

  20. Sue

    Ewen –

    I think I’m going to really like this blog! Its good to get to “know” you better after all this time – and I really love your choice of first topics and the music you set them to – I would have never figured the music, but had a strong hunch about the self-improvement stuff, lol

    Congrats on the new wheels, too!

    Blessings to you!


  21. Amelia

    Hi Ewen,

    Thanks for your inspirational post. True enough, we don’t write down our goals in life. After reading your post, I have a Post it note on my laptop now! And yes, my goal is written on it. 🙂

  22. indi

    Hi, Ewen
    Nice Shot.
    choosing a clickbank gravity is easy. it more easier to follow your instructions from superaffiliatetrainer. thank’s but since have no credit card my paypal is falling down because it’s hard to sign up aweber if you don’t have a creditcard. I just try using the free list builder to promote and the result is none. LOL I’m sure the condition must go on…. hope……

  23. Ewen

    Hi everyone, thanks so much for all the amazing feedback and comments, I’ve read them all.

    I’m truly humbled that whatever I write can inspire you and you’re reading it!

    Remember to subscribe to the rss feeds if you want updates as I’ll be sharing a lot more of my personal thoughts.

    Have a great day.


  24. Joanna Cake

    I made my first business presentation and quotation last week which got very positive feedback and a second meeting. I also got two new advertisers for my site.
    In the six months since my first exposure to internet marketing at the WIS in London, I’ve managed to make money from my blog at Having My Cake and Eating It Too and it’s given me the confidence in my writing to start branching out. I’ve already surpassed the goal I set myself in January of £100 per month and have now set my sites on being able to pay the rent of £750 per month.

  25. Andrew

    This is the essential tool in life… If you have no goals you simply don’t live the life you deserve. I did my list long time ago but i just wrote it in a notebook and forgot about it. I realize now that i was fool. We should always have out list near us, read it everyday, observe progresses and improving our list. Thank you Ewen for really wanting to help others achieve their dreams. You really are a great person…

  26. CL

    hi Ewen
    i’m someone waiting for my 1st website to be build and wanted to follow your step and hopefully make it to the next level.

    “Goal” is something i lost long time ago and i hope i can pick it up again by focusing in my venture to the internet. In M’sia NAC, i asked “if i can spend time ‘cooking’ in facebook, why cant i spend time ‘working’ with internet. hence, decided to kick start something for ME.
    hope to read more n being inspired by ur stories here…

  27. hussein

    hey ewin
    you must know fist of all that I am very trustful with you and my unwritten goal to be a very successful man though I have tried all my best in the past but all gone astray .. I am looking a very practical method via the intrent home based business to do so but no way at all.. I want to guide me all the way ahead but without telling me you need to have training courses, videos etc etc etc.. I have no patience to do that I want just a very short and logic method to join your team for having my goals emplimented noting that I have no credit cards or paypal accounts yet.. have you any idea how to do so .. expecting your reply

  28. Shasi

    We keep hearing about goals and desires quite often. Then nothing happens !! Well, in the end like you said – Stick To Your Guns !! http://myglobenet.com

  29. Evelyn Carter

    Hi Ewen, Very nice. Have known your name for many years now… Enjoyed reading your words. Have bookmarked you. (I write poetry as well :)Continued success to you always. Seems you deserve it! 🙂

  30. Barbara Henry

    Hello Ewen,
    You were right when you said I’d like this site.
    It is great,and your question:What did I do this week,got me thinking.
    I am finally living my dream,writing books and speaking on their themes.
    Looks like you have found your niche,well,another one,too.
    Congratulations,and all the best.
    Barbara J

  31. Byron Skjerdal

    Hello Ewen.
    What a great post.How can you get what you want if you don’t know what it is. I heard a speaker say that you should write your own obituary….life is short,and when you die this will be your life story.

    Thanks Byron

  32. Anthony Mann

    Ewen, greetings from London.

    How wonderful of you to be willing to show the true human being. You are in so many ways contributing to making IM a more professional than hyped activity and to being a man admitting to feelings, ambitions and dreams so much more acceptable. If you enhance your musical skills and activities, the universal language, too, you will certainly go down in the history-books as one of the pioneers of the new era of being AND doing.

    I wish you continuing success on your multi-faceted journey and look forward periodically to catch up with you via this great new blog of yours.

  33. Jo Ann Carey

    Ewen, you have just done what I’m intending to do this week – set up a blog website. Cool!

  34. Kenji

    Ewen, you are going to get a new car ?

    hmmm… i totally agree with you that cars in singapore are crazy… you know, i always wanted to ask you this question, haha..

    ok.. here goes:

    Is R8 worth that 1/2 million ? Seriously… it is a damn cool car… but.. in roads like Singapore… and the cost to own that in Singapore… if its not as good as it looks.. then.. =/

    haha.. hope to hear from someone who owns the R8.. ^^

    Good Luck and cai yuan gun gun lai =)

  35. Claudia

    Hi Ewen,

    We haven’t met officially, but I am reading lots of your books, and a member of InternetMarketing.com
    I have learned A TON! from your courses so far. The blog idea is great because I feel I can identify with you as a person and not an picture in an advertisement!

    You’ve encourage me not to give up more than once…even though I am at the point where I could give up and I sometime lose my faith in myself…each day I do something to move forward…
    yet I haven’t had results. I am not focused enough on one niche perhaps?

    Anyway, I am working hard and hope to meet you in person someday!

    Nice car….by the way. 🙂
    Claudia Austin

  36. Cris

    Nice song….anyone know how it’s called and who performs it?! Or is it you Ewen!?
    I know Even will not respond, don’t know if it’s him or I just have bad luck and never get an response from Even regardless from what and where I ask, so I count on you guys for an answer.

    By the way, Claudia, either I am wrong or you wanted to say “InternetMarketer.com”. If it’s not then I’m truly sorry. Please accept my excuses 🙂

    Thank You.


  37. Claudia

    Yes Cris! You are correct. I have spent the day doing keyword research and looking at the words “internet” and “marketing” for too many hours! Trying hard to get traffic to my blog and to
    a few promotions. Tryingto nail some good “long tails” !

    I belong to Ewen’s “InternetMarketer.com” site and I find it very good. I have read a lot of crappy ebooks and seen a ton of junk videos, so when I see Ewen’s products I can tell there is much more work put into them.

    Will I be 80 before I get a sale? lol!

  38. Wendy

    Ewen thanks a million for all the encouraging words and videos.
    All the best!

  39. Alfandi

    This very inspiring. Thanks Ewen for sharing this blog.

  40. Cris

    I know that feeling Claudia. I spent lot’s of time working on some products of mine just to get to the point where I abandoned them because I thought it won’t work…..and surprise….they did work…just not for me.

    I was to a member of InternetMarketer.com but because I live in a relatively poor country, I had to cancel it because the price is like 40% of my monthly salary :(…and it’s kind of a lot.

    But I did learned something, and that is that regardless of how many products you purchase…and regardless of how many ebooks you read….you’ll only have success if you take action and start forgetting for a while about other products.

    I believe…in order to talk about sales, you have to talk first about reputation and relationship. This is what will bring the sales.


  41. elizabeth

    i’ve seen your picture an you look cute, any way as you showed me live life i will give that a shot and i’ve written 10 things i’d like to do before my time is up on earth ok, i never say that word g—b, i just say laterz liz

  42. school grants

    Great site. A lot of useful information here. I’m sending it to some friends!

  43. Rieke

    You brought it to the point:

    To remember what you have ‘done – seen – said -felt’ you need to enrich it with emotions, passion or own associations.

    Congrats you’ve found your way to enjoy life togethter with you family.

  44. Aditya

    Hello Ewen,
    Your articles are worth reading. They show good wisdom


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