"Lesson #3 of 3 – The Complete System To Build A Long-Term Profitable Affiliate Marketing Business!"

"Lesson #3 of 3 – The Complete System To Build A Long-Term Profitable Affiliate Marketing Business!"

By Ewen Chia| Business

Welcome back and this is Lesson #3 of 3. This the final lesson whereby I am going to show you the complete secret system that can build a long-term affiliate marketing business that makes you $5,000 – $10,000 every month on autopilot!

But before we dive into it, please make sure that you have already went through lesson 1 & 2, if you haven’t, please go through these 2 lessons first:

Lesson #1: The Easiest Way To Start A Profitable Business Online!

Lesson #2: Proven Ways To Promote Affiliate Products And Make Commissions Easily!

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Now that you’re ready, I am going to reveal the key components of a complete system that had personally helped me build a sustainable and long-term affiliate marketing internet business and how you can do the same too.

The Proven Complete System

First, I must emphasize the importance of following a system and a proven formula. Internet business is not difficult; it is actually very simple and easy to start once you’ve a proven plan and system.

Success always leaves footprints.

The key here is to follow a successful system and follow through the system.

When I first started out, I was trying out too many different systems and jumping from products to products. This is commonly known as the “Shiny Object Syndrome” in which you chase after products and programs that you think can make your business even easier or better.

Many beginners kept falling into this trap and I was no exception.

But, let me clarify something, it does not mean that the other products or programs are not good. Most of them are actually very good and will help you to succeed. However, you need to follow through the programs.

Meaning to learn and apply what is taught and then be patience about getting the results.

After all, internet business and affiliate marketing business are NOT overnight get-rich-scheme.

They are REAL businesses and require time and effort to build them.

Next, there is no need to re-engineer a proven plan or system. Don’t be a smart alec.

So, after 5 dreadful years of no results, I finally simplified what I have known and created a very simple step-by-step system.

And that’s how I got my first sale…after 5 years!

Do not make the same mistake as me.  Just have faith and follow a through a system.

Follow One Course Until Success

A successful proven system should allow you to do the following features:

The 3Ps – Produce, Profit, Progress

The overall system should contain easy step-by-step guide in which you can follow and apply to your business.

The system must be able to allow you to:

Produce your business – build your business

Profit from it – earn income from your business

Progress in the long run – grow your business

A complete system’s features will incorporate these 3Ps at various points of the system.

The steps taught by the system must NOT be complicated and should be as simple as possible so that any one can follow the steps and build their own internet business.

A good system will tell you what the exact steps are and at the end of each step provide you with an action task or checklist so that you can accomplish the individual steps and progress.

Let’s us look at the key components of the system that provide you with the training, knowledge and skills to build your own profitable affiliate marketing business.

i) Build a REAL business that belongs to you

The system should teach you to build a real business that belongs to you. The key here is that the business belongs to you and not someone else.

Let me explain further…

There are many systems that you can leverage on to build your own internet business but you must make sure that your efforts are used to build your own internet business.

Affiliate marketing is the easiest internet business to start but many people are not doing it like a real business.

Many people are just purely advertisers and do not really own the business.

In short, when these people stop advertising, there is no more income.

Why am I saying that?

This is because these people are not building a business or branding themselves, they are merely promoting the affiliate products directly and the customers who made the purchase do not know these advertisers at all.

That brings me to second point.

ii) Importance of Database Asset

The system should educate you on the importance of owning your own database.

And in this case, I have touched on it in Lesson 2 as one of the proven ways to promote affiliate products and make easy commissions.

That is to build your own email list or database.

This is the key to building a long-term and profitable internet business with the ability to automate itself in the future.

Without the email list, you do not really have a business.

You will be held hostage by the vendors and only helping them to scale their business and not yours.

What if one day the vendor is gone or no longer allows any affiliate to promote his products?

What will happen to you and what will you do?

Yes, you can simply restart the whole process of searching the affiliate products again and then start to promote again.

But don’t you wish to be able to automate the whole process and then be able to profit even while you are asleep or holidaying on another part of the world?

Without the email list, it is unlikely that you will be able to do that.

If you have an email list, this is your business. You can promote various products to the very SAME subscriber and maximise your profits.

You can pre-schedule emails follow up in advance and let the business runs by itself while you are away.

You can use emails to connect with your subscribers and eventually building your own branding and reputation and this is the next point of a complete system.

iii) Build Your Online Presence And Branding

The system should educate and allow you to build your own brand and reputation.

Having an online presence and building your brand and reputation helps your internet business in the long run.

People buy from people whom they like and trust.

This allows you to be able to crave a share out of any competitive and profitable market that you might be in.

Hence, the system does not neglect the use of popular social media as well as educating you how to use it to improve your internet business.

Earlier, I’ve mentioned that you can use email to connect with your subscriber by asking them questions and communicating with them to address their concerns.

This helps to build up your branding and reputation.

Hence, a complete system should also teach you that.

v) Making The Sales

Next, the system should also teach you how you can market your business and make sales. The truth is that there are many ways to market your business and in general, there are only 2 main types.

  1. Paid
  2. Free

So you are taught to use both paid and free advertising to build your database and promote affiliate products.

Besides teaching how to market the business, the system should also educate you on the importance of educating your subscribers.

Why do you need to educate your subscribers?

By educating your subscribers, it helps to increase your chances of sales.

This “education” is to provide them with relevant content to pre-sell them the benefits of the products.

These are all marketing principles which are essentials in any business.

vi) Tools and Support

The last part of system helps you to grow and scale up your business. The system should provide essential tools or assistance to help you shortcut your path to internet success.

When you are starting out your internet business, it is likely that you are going to have questions about doing things. This is why support is very important and a critical part of the system.

Without support, you almost cannot progress further.

However, this is also one of the most neglected parts of the system.

Good support is usually very expensive and I have come across many programs that only provide limited time support or you need to pay for support and assistance.

You’ve heard it right…You need to pay to get answers or support.

I believe a good complete system should provide adequate support so that you are assured that you are in good hands unless you give up on your own.

Therefore, a complete system that can help you to learn and build a long-term profitable affiliate marketing business should include all of the components above.

My Secret System

In my secret system that I am going to reveal to you, it fulfills all the requirements above and it will be able to help you to build a long-term profitable affiliate marketing business.

I understand that different people have different levels of understanding and hence, I have made my system an incredibly no-brainer that you can follow and execute the steps without any hassle.

The only problem that I might foresee is that you do not know how to navigate or use your own devices. If that is the case, please be a responsible business owner and pick up the necessary skills of using your own computer or laptops.

More often than not, it is more of NOT trying to attempt that obstructs your progress. (Don’t be afraid of your laptops or computers, they will not bite you.)

I like to invite you to attend this FREE masterclass that I am conducting. It will explain the 100% Proven Online S.U.C.C.E.S.S system and much more:

  • How to find the MOST PROFITABLE topics for your business in just seconds
  • Easiest way to get MILLIONS of hot-selling products to make money from for free
  • Make unlimited sales without talking to anyone or even trying to sell anything
  • ​ Fastest ever method to get FREE traffic, sales and customers in a few minutes!
  • How to automate 99% of your business so that you have REAL FREEDOM
  • ​ And much, much more will be revealed in the masterclass!


This is truly a life-changer and best part is…the system actually 100% WORKS and the money you make is real! The most important thing is to learn, apply and implement. I can’t stress how important this is.

Anyone, including you can get tangible results and start your own REAL business and profit for it with this FREE masterclass.  So, hurry and secure your seats before class is gone.

If you are unable to register, it means that the class is either full or no longer available.

That’s it! This is lesson #3 of 3. I hope you enjoyed all the 3 lessons and most importantly, benefited from it and will take action on what I’ve shared here.

Remember to attend the masterclass!

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Thanks in advance.

To your success!



  1. Oluboba Ayodeji

    Ewen Chia, thanks with your concept of building a real business rather than being just a promoter. maybe I have been guilty of this. I will work on it. I look forward to another of your affiliate marketing guides. Thanks.

  2. Ewen Chia

    Glad that you enjoyed it. Yes, internet business is a real business. Make sure you attend the free training that I am conducting for you.

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Download Your FREE Copy Of “Easy Internet Profits” Worth $97.00 That Reveals The Easy Ways To Generate UNLIMITED Profits Online!

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