"LESSON #2 of 3 – Proven Ways To Promote Affiliate Products And Make Commissions Easily!"

"LESSON #2 of 3 – Proven Ways To Promote Affiliate Products And Make Commissions Easily!"

By Ewen Chia| Business


Hey, it’s Ewen back with lesson #2 of the 3 part series, hope you enjoyed the first lesson where you learned the easiest way to start a profitable business online!

If you haven’t gone through the first lesson, MAKE SURE YOU DO SO FIRST and come back to lesson #2 and then lesson #3.

Lesson #1: The Easiest Way To Start A Profitable Business Online!

Lesson #3: The Complete System To Build A Long-Term Profitable Affiliate Marketing Business!

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In lesson #2, we’re going to look at a few more important things when it comes to starting a profitable affiliate marketing online business for yourself, namely:

  • How to select the RIGHT affiliate products to promote
  • 7 proven ways to promote affiliate products and make easy commissions
  • Plus REAL-LIFE case studies of what I do personally!

In the 3rd lesson after this, we’ll look at the COMPLETE secret system to build a long-term affiliate marketing business that makes you $5,000 – $10,000 every month on autopilot!

Without further ado let’s get started…

Firstly, how can you select the RIGHT affiliate products to promote?

What I meant by RIGHT affiliate products are profitable affiliate products that will help you to make money…fast and easily!

You don’t want to be spending months on researching and testing to get the right affiliate products.

There is a proven framework in selecting the right products.

In lesson #1, I have briefly mentioned that you can check popular marketplaces like Clickbank Marketplace, Amazon Bestsellers etc. to see the topics or categories that are profitable.

In this lesson, I am going to show you exactly how.

In lesson #1, you’ve learnt that digital products provided more commissions and I’ll be using Clickbank Marketplace as an example for this lesson.

There are thousands and thousands of affiliate products on Clickbank that you can choose to promote.

If you already have a specific topic that you are interested in, simply choose the relevant category and subcategory.

You will be able to pull up a list of affiliate products that you can promote.

But how do you exactly choose the RIGHT one?

Here are the guidelines that I always follow when I am picking an affiliate product to promote.

A) Gravity Score

Gravity refers to the number of unique affiliates making at least one affiliate sale from the past 8 weeks.

The higher the number means the more affiliates are making sales. However, this number is just a guideline and it can be manipulated easily.

For instance, if the product is new and launched recently with a JV contest, there would be many affiliates promoting it and hence the gravity is high. JV contest is very common in the affiliate marketing world and I will share more details with you later.

Whereas on the extreme end, the gravity can be a big fat zero. But it doesn’t mean that the product is not profitable, it might mean that there are no affiliates promoting it currently because it is a brand new product.

Sometime the affiliate product is actually high converting but you might see a low gravity score because only a few affiliates are promoting it but each of them are actually making a huge number of sales.

So just take gravity score as a guideline.

Personally, I will choose something between with the score of 20-50. It means that affiliates are making sales and that it isn’t overly competitive.

B) Sales Page

The next criteria that I will look for is how the sales page is presented.

Sales page is the actual website that will be selling the product and they can be showcased in a few formats.

i. Text Sales Page – Contains text only
ii. Video Sales Page – Contains sales video only
iii. Hybrid Sales Page – Contains both sales video and text

Usually, I tend to pick those that contain a video at the top of their websites to sell the product. The videos basically introduce the product and it’s benefits for buying the product.

These are the video sales page or hybrid sales page.

Having videos are more engaging and capture the attention of the visitors better. This helps to improve your chance of sale.

The sales page also needs to be presentable and mobile friendly.

Sometime, it looks great on your desktop but when you see it on mobile, the website’s layout is messed up. Please make sure that you always check this as there are more and more mobile traffic – and you should not neglect the mobile users.

C) Affiliate Tools

Lastly, I will also check out what affiliate tools do the vendor provides. You want to be able to have tools and resources to help you make the affiliate sales fast and easy.

These are some of the affiliate tools that you should take note of:

i. Product Banners

Product banners are images that you can use and place onto your website and hyperlink them with your affiliate links.

ii. Swipe Files

Swipe files are email templates that you can use to send to your subscribers to promote the affiliate product.

iii. Keywords

These are the keywords that the product’s customers are searching for. You can use these keywords to create content or in your paid ads so that you have a chance to target the potential audience that are already searching for these keywords.

iv. Google / Microsoft Ad Copy

Some vendors also provide you with ad copy that you can instantly use together with the keywords to start your pay-per-click campaigns. This really helps you to generate traffic almost immediately.

v. Videos and Articles

Similar to banners, videos and articles can be used on your website to pre-sell or educate your visitors about the product.

Using the above guideline, you’ll be able to pick the RIGHT affiliate product to promote.

But if you have no clue on what topic to choose first, here is an even easier way to pick your first affiliate product to promote.

When you are at the Clickbank Marketplace page, simply click on the SEARCH icon WITHOUT putting any inputs and it will give you a list of the most popular and high converting products. You only need to choose 1 from this page to promote first.

Now, that you understand how to select the RIGHT product to promote, we are going to dive into the 7 proven ways to promote affiliate products and make easy commissions!

Before I start, I want you to understand that the way you promote and HOW you promote will affect conversion.

You need to be coherent in the way and how you are promoting.

When you are doing the promotion, what kind of message are you giving the visitors? This is very crucial and will affect the conversion rate.

You can do pre-selling to educate your visitors but not hard selling.

A lot of times, we get too fixated on trying to promote the product itself. Let the sales page do the selling for you. Your task is to bring targeted visitors to the sales page – this is why Affiliate Marketing is one of the easiest ways to start a profitable online business!

7 Proven Ways To Promote Affiliate Products And Make Easy Commissions


1) Build A List To Promote

The first method is the most important and my personal favourite method in promoting affiliate products.

You probably have heard of:  “The Money Is in the List” before.

What is a “LIST”?

A list is a database of visitors’ details that you have collected. In our case, we typically collect the email address and/or the name of the visitors that comes to your website.

Not all websites are able to collect the email addresses of your visitors. You’ll need an autoresponder which is a third-party software to help you collect the details legally.

Beside the ability to collect email addresses, the autoresponder also enables you to send email to your “List” to communicate with them.

This is the part where you make money.

You can send email to your list with your affiliate product links. If anyone reads your email and clicks on your affiliate link and buys the product, then, you earn the affiliate commissions.

The best part is that you don’t even need to send the emails manually. You can schedule the emails to be send out and automated the whole process and focus on just bringing visitors to your website.

Although you can incorporate the autoresponder onto many types of websites, I will still recommend that you build a squeeze page to capture your email address.

The squeeze page is a simple one-page website whose sole objective is to capture email address.

Let’s take a look at the example. The headline offers the visitor a potential solution to lose weight.

When the visitor enters his email addresses, 2 things will happen:

1) His email address is captured by your autoresponder and now, you have the permission to email him with related information and products that he is interested in.

2) He will be brought to the affiliate product sales page where he sees the potential solution to help him lose weight. If he buys the product at this point of time, you earn the affiliate commissions too.

Remember I was telling you about the way and how you do the promotion will affect the conversion?

On your squeeze page, you should be using curiosity to get him to provide you with his email address and not offering a freebie to entice him to give you his email address.

If you offer a freebie, this person is only interested in the freebie and will be less inclined to make any purchase and hence affecting your sales conversion.

Get the idea now? The importance of the way and HOW you are promoting will affect the conversion.

Great! I am sure you get it now.

I highly recommend you to start with this method and build a list first using a squeeze page.

You can learn more from about creating a professional squeeze page within a few clicks and building a list from this content packed masterclass that I am conducting: The Easiest And Fastest Way To Build Your List And Generate Automated Profits 24/7!

2) Social Media Sharing

Anyone who is on the internet is using some form of social media platforms:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Tik-Tok
  • Snapchat
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest

And many more…

We want to leverage on the use of social media to promote affiliate products. Once again, the key here is to SHARE and not to sell.

You should share your own personal experience, related content, engaging with fellow users in order to get them interested in what you have to offer eventually – which is your affiliate product.

You want to be able to direct visitors to your affiliate link and let the affiliate sales page does the selling for you.

The use social media is for socialising and to share content, ideas quickly and efficiently real-time.

It is a very popular method used by social media users to promote affiliate products.

Here are some examples that you can follow:

i) Facebook

You can post consistently about the topic that you are in and share product testimonials or content provided by the vendor to get interested Facebook friends to contact you for more information.

Usually, you end the post with “PM me for details” or comment “I want to know” for more information so that you can contact each interested user with your affiliate link.

Tip: Make sure the post is open to public so that it enables you to reach friends’ of friend’s when they start commenting on your post.

ii) Instagram

The key here is also to be consistent in sharing the topic through personal experience for a period of time.

Make use of the Instagram Story Swipe-Up feature to link to your website.

You can also leave a link on your profile or get them to DM (Direct Message) for more details.

This is a very effective method because anyone who taken action to swipe up or go to your profile or DM you are probably already pre-sold and helps to improve your sales conversion.

iii) Twitter

You need to first gain relevant followers by tweeting quality content that your followers want to see to increase engagement with likes and retweets and finally spread out your affiliate links.

Same as the other social media platforms, you can get them to contact you directly for more details or leave your link on your profile.

So this is the second method on using social media to promote affiliate products. Remember the key is to SHARE and get them to contact you for more details.

3) Private Facebook Groups

The third method is running private Facebook groups. This is different from the second method that I showed you earlier. For this method, it involved you creating and managing a Facebook group while the second method simply only involve you posting onto your own personal Facebook’s timeline.

The key here is that you need to get interested Facebook users into this group and build a COMMUNITY and engage, share, recommend useful quality products that help people solve a problem.

Here is a real-life case study.

I recently open private Facebook group Real Affiliate Marketing which is a private Facebook groups and it grew to more than 400 members within less than a month.

On this group, my admins and I shared valuable affiliate marketing lessons to the members and recommend resources to help them start their affiliate marketing journey.

You should also join this group too.

Click here to join this private group now!

To show you how effective this method is, between you and me, I have already profited from this 1 month-old private Facebook group 😀

The key is to consistently engage with them and understand what is their pain points and recommend relevant products to help them solve their problem.

4) Authority Blog

The fourth method is about using content to promote your affiliate links.

You can build a content blog. Using content to educate your readers and pre-sell them the products.

In order to build a blog, I recommend you to get a professional hosting and domain to build the blog.

You can easily install WordPress which is a popular CMS (Content Management System) when you have your own professional hosting and domain.

After installing WordPress, you can start to write content related to the topic you are in.

Remember the keywords resources that the affiliate vendor provides you earlier? You can make use of the keywords to write the blog posts so that you can get your blog ranked fast.

Also, you can also make use of the articles and videos available and post them onto your blog.

So how do you profit then?

You’ll need to include the banners onto your blog. So that your blog visitors can click on the banner which is embedded with your affiliate link and go to the affiliate product sales page.

This is why one of the guidelines for choosing the RIGHT affiliate products includes the availability of affiliate tools and resources that you can use immediately.

This saves you time and helps you to get started first.

Now, if you are reading this blog post, do you notice those products banners on the right side (desktop) or bottom (mobile) of the post?

This is exactly how you can do it. The only difference is that on my own blog, ewenchia.com, these are my own products but you can do exactly the same with affiliate products.

Within the blog posts, you also can recommend the products directly using hyperlink in the blog post.

Tip: You are not restricted to only promoting one affiliate product on one blog. You can promote as many affiliate products as you like as long as they are related to your topic.

One common question that students always ask me is that I do not know about what to write and I don’t have the time to write so what can I do then?

I have the perfect solution for you. I used this to create authority content blogs in topics that I do not know about and everything is automated! Check this out: Auto Profits Sites

5) Product Reviews and Launch Jacking

The fifth method is related to the method above but in this case your aim is writing about the products and reviewing them.

Launch Jacking works by finding a product that is launching, getting a piece of content ranked and then profiting off the buzz around that product (by selling it through your affiliate link). You can do this by creating a review or demo around the product before the product is launched.

You can also review current products that are already selling well.

Similar to Proven Way #4, you also need to create a blog but this time round; it is less topic focus and more of pre-selling the product directly through reviews.

The review can include the following content:

  1. How to use
  2. Benefits
  3. Pros
  4. Cons

Why this method works so well?

Well~ We are in the internet age and consumers have become more savvy and will try to look for product reviews before making the purchase.

This is where you come in.

You’ll need to write a thorough review of the product that you are promoting and then leave them with the affiliate link to let them purchase via your affiliate link on the product review post on your website.

You can also evolve this method to a comparison website whereby you write review of individual products and compare them.

For example, if you are promoting a physical product such as a digital camera. You may review about the product itself and compare it with other similar camera and again, getting the readers to purchase via your affiliate links which are located at the end of you review or comparison posts.

6) Videos Creation

Don’t like to write and prefer to create to shoot videos or create videos?

The sixth method is to use videos to promote your affiliate links. You can use Youtube or Facebook Live in this case.

The key is creating and uploading engaging videos and adding affiliate links within the videos or in the descriptions.

For YouTube, place the affiliate link in the actual video via annotation.

It will help your viewers to visit that link whenever they want. You may also introduce these links in the beginning, middle or end of the video.

Most viewers go to the description to know about the video in detail and hence please also add affiliate links in the video descriptions as well.

For Facebook Live, the feature lets you broadcast your videos and reach more potential buyers. You can establish a strong bond with your audience that will ultimately help you get more conversions.

Being an affiliate marketer, you can use Facebook Live to discuss about the topic and then recommend affiliate products that can help your audience.

Facebook Live has becoming an increasing popular way for affiliate marketers to promote your products in this time the COVID-19 pandemic.

7) Solving Problem By Delivering Value

What is this proven way exactly about? Let’s recap what is taught in Lesson #1.

We want to help people who is having problems and are already asking for solutions.

So where can we find them?

There are various platforms where you can find them:

a) Questions & Answer Platforms – Quora; Yahoo Answers, etc
b) Forums
c) Reddit

The method here is to FIRST be present at these platforms and contribute to the community FIRST.

This is to help you build up your reputation so that other users start to believe and trust you. Take note that these are people are in the community because they are interested in the topic and generally not there to promote or sell products.

So if you are only thinking about posting your affiliate links everywhere, you are bounded to get banned.

The next step is offer potential solutions which are your affiliate links to help those who are ALREADY asking for the solution. You can contact them directly and ask them to contact you for more details.

This will only works when you are genuinely trying to contribute to the community.

For instance, it can be a beauty forum and you have been active in giving your views and beauty tips and then someone is asking how to get less oily hair. Lucky for you, you have come across this hair care Clickbank product that helps users to get less oily hair. So the next natural thing you will do is to recommend this product to help them.

In addition, it is alright that you let the person know that it is an affiliate link and it helps to be honest.

So there you have it, 7 proven ways to promote affiliate products and make easy commissions!

So pick one method and focus on applying it now!

Coming Up In Your Next Lesson…

In the next lesson coming soon, I’ll be showing you the COMPLETE secret system to build a long-term affiliate marketing business that makes you $5,000 – $10,000 every month on autopilot!

It’s going to be very exciting so you wouldn’t want to miss it.

You can also attend this FREE online masterclass to learn even more affiliate marketing secrets and how you can become a high-earning affiliate fast!

Hope you enjoyed this lesson and most importantly, benefited from it and will take action on what I’ve shared here.

Remember to come back for the next lesson and…

Please SHARE & Leave Your Comments Below!

Thanks in advance.

To your success!


Important Resources In This Lesson:

Clickbank Marketering – https://accounts.clickbank.com/marketplace.htm
eFunnels Masterclasswww.efunnels.com
Autoresponder www.ProfessionalResponder.com
Domain Name www.GetYourDomainNames.com
Webhosting www.DiscountedWebhost.com
Auto Profit Siteswww.AutoProfitSites.com
Affiliate Wealth Masterclass – www.AffWealth.com



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