"LESSON #1 of 3 – The Easiest Way To Start A Profitable Business Online!"

"LESSON #1 of 3 – The Easiest Way To Start A Profitable Business Online!"

By Ewen Chia| Business


Hi, it’s Ewen and thanks for reading this! I do hope you get some value from what I’ll be sharing with you.

In this series, there are a total of 3 LESSONS to help you start your online business fast. Make sure you check back for subsequent lessons to complete the series.

In lesson 1, you’ll discover learn the easiest way to start a profitable business online! After that, please continue with lesson #2 and lesson #3.

Lesson #2: Proven Ways To Promote Affiliate Products And Make Commissions Easily!

Lesson #3: The Complete System To Build A Long-Term Profitable Affiliate Marketing Business!

online biz

The best online business model to do that with is none other than one of my favourite business models…

“Affiliate Marketing”!

I started with the affiliate marketing business model myself, and had been doing it actively since 1997. Till date, I’ve generated millions of dollars of affiliate commissions online.

Having gone through this process, I can vouch that affiliate marketing works like gangbusters, especially for new online business owners.

It’s also one of, if not, the fastest method available today to make an online income.

If you’re a beginner to the online business world, don’t worry. We all need to learn and start somewhere.

In this lesson, I’ll be explaining the affiliate marketing business model, how it works, the “big picture” and how you can begin your online business journey with it.

Why Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing has the power to change your current financial situation so that you never again struggle to pay your bills or worry about the future.

With it, you can quickly and easily start, grow and profit from a GLOBAL online business from home 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year!

Now I don’t say this lightly as I’ve personally been doing this for the past 23 years.

This online business model literally forms the basis of a strong foundation that hundreds of thousands of the internet’s most successful marketers have used as a way to create their wealth online,

Affiliate marketing is, in my opinion, one of the few ways that you can use to make a full time income with while you take your time to “learn and earn”.

Here are a couple of good reasons why:

  • You can get started immediately, like TODAY
  • You don’t need to put tons of hard work, there’s a lot of LEVERAGE
  • You don’t need to go through a steep learning curve
  • You can make money with it almost immediately
  • The entire business can run on complete autopilot
  • Can be scaled up with a real potential to earn millions from it. I’ve done it and so have many other business owners
  • It can become a real business you own and be your own boss online – if you do it right

Simply said, you can use the power of affiliate marketing to start making money online quickly and easily, and use it to fund your future online business projects.

It’s a great way to get learn and equip yourself with a NEW SKILL.

These are not the only benefits with affiliate marketing as there are many more…

  • You also don’t need to create your own products as there’re literally millions of ready inventories for you out there
  • You don’t need to do any order fulfillment or deliveries yourself
  • You don’t need to hire freelancers or outsource as you can learn it yourself if you want to
  • You don’t need to spend money advertising if you don’t want to, it can be done for free
  • Plus you don’t even need to do any customer service

I hope this is beginning to whet your appetite to the potential of the business model, most importantly…

There are absolutely NO risks or stress with affiliate marketing!

It’s perhaps the only business model I know that allows you to TEST different niches and products without risking any of your own money.

What Exactly Is Affiliate Marketing And How Does It Work?


In a nutshell, it’s a “referral business” where you refer customers to other companies’ products and services for a part of the profits.

My definition of affiliate marketing is:

“A proven business model where instead of doing everything yourself, you simply partner with a company or affiliate network which is established, has a good brand name and quality products (it has done all the hard work), and you refer customers to them in return for a part of the profits, ie. COMMISSIONS.

Hope that makes it easier to understand?

One of the best things about it is your profit margins are exceptionally HIGH and as mentioned, there are no costs or risks with the business model, unlike many others.

Most affiliate companies or networks pay very good commissions and it can be by per sale or a percentage, depending on the company or product you’re promoting.

Physical affiliate products tend to pay lesser at between 5% – 15% which is still good considering that typical ecommerce model makes less than 2% profit margins!

However if you choose to promote DIGITAL products like ebooks, videos or software, your commissions can be at least 40% – 100%.

Yes I did say 100%…that means you make all the money.

For example, in my own business, I do have my own private affiliate program and products where I regularly help and train people to start making a full-time income online.

However, instead of my affiliates making 100% commissions on just one product like most affiliate programs, they make 100% commissions on ALL PRODUCTS in my entire sales funnel.

This means that ONE customer they refer can easily be worth $500 in commissions and just 20 customers a month can net you $10,000 a month.

That has allowed people to quit their jobs and make money from home online. You can do this yourself.

If you’re interested about this, as this is a private program not made available to the public, contact us at the help desk for further information with subject line “100% commissions funnel”.

How You Can Get Started With My Personal Affiliate Marketing Formula (aka “THE BIG PICTURE”)

I’m going to share with you my personal formula to building a highly-profitable affiliate marketing business in as SIMPLE a manner as I possibly can without sacrificing the knowledge you will gain.

I call this the “Big Picture” because you can see the ENTIRE business from the top down:

That’s really all there is to it. You can EASILY understand the full picture just from the formula.

How you test, improve and scale is whatever goes on in between the formula.

As you can see, there are different moving parts so lets understand them:

PEOPLE: These refer to people going online on a regular basis and the numbers are staggering, currently over 4.5 BILLION people around the world. No wonder the internet’s the economy to be in.

These people go online for many reasons, but a CORE purpose is to find information, and this can happen on different websites and it can be information search about literally anything.

Here’s the takeaway…

When people look for information, it means they are desiring to solve something.

That’s the main principle to understand.

One thing that will never ever change even with technology changes…

The internet’s basically a huge information medium with BILLIONS of people worldwide using it every day to find information so that they can solve their problems.

Both the search for information and their desires mean these are YOUR potential customers and you’ll see how to monetize them later.

We’re talking about billions of people online.

However, it’s important to target the type of people you want to help, which we’ll talk about below…

TOPIC: This refers to WHAT information people are searching for. Topics can be wide ranging from photography to weight loss.

Most marketers call this a “niche” and the information searched for is measured by keyword demand.

Two or more keywords searched together is known as key phrase or if it’s three or more keywords, it’s called long-tail keywords.

For example, when someone searches for “weight”, that’s a keyword. When they search for “weight loss”, that’s a key phrase, or “weight loss tips” that’s also another key phrase.

Yes there’re too many jargons I know, however they are all meant to do one thing…

Figure out what people are searching for, and the demand for that search.

So when you start your online business, the first thing is to know what “niche” you want to target.

This is because you cannot target everyone and you need to SPECIALIZE in the business to make things easier.

So in this way, it’s always better to target “weight loss tips” than “weight loss” because it’s more specialized and you get more targeted prospects and customers.

To start with, you could simply go along with your own interests or passion and build a business around it.

Alternatively, you can target popular mass topics like health, beauty, relationships, hobbies, sports and making money etc. you won’t go wrong.

Another way is to check popular marketplaces like Clickbank Marketplace, Amazon Bestsellers etc. to see the topics or categories that are profitable.

So once you know your “niche”, you can find out the search demand for that topic to see if there’s a good demand and if it will be profitable.

There are many tools online you can use to research this demand, one of the most popular being the Google Keyword Planner. It’s a free tool but you’ll need an AdWords account which is no cost as well. I believe you can also sign in with any Google account that you’re using.

I also use KeywordSheeter.com to find tons of related key phrases from one keyword. Very convenient!

Anyway, lets stick to “weight loss tips” example and build an affiliate marketing business around it shall we?

PROBLEMS: Once you’ve identified your “niche”, the next thing is to identify what problems people in the topic have, and the solution they are looking for.

The reason once again is because you want to target the right customers and understand their problems, so that you can offer them the solutions and monetize your business.

If we’re using “weight loss tips” as the topic of business, then obviously we want to know what type of problems people who wants to lose weight have and what they are wanting to solve!

A good way to do this is to use keyword tools as mentioned earlier, or you can do some research in Google for “weight loss tips” and see what comes up.

Going into forums for that topic will also be very useful as the people there are discussing about the exact same thing.

For instance, search Google for “weight loss forums”, read the popular posts in the top forums and you’ll get some really good ideas.

It helps too if you’re doing a passion-based business and desire to lose weight yourself!

PLATFORM: Now that you’ve identified your preferred business topic and researched some good ideas of its problems, the next thing is to build a business to resolve your niche’s problems.

The best way to do that quickly and effectively is to set up your own “platform” online.

A “platform” is simply a website where you can share information, content and products and build your business around.

Any successful AND profitable affiliate marketing business will come with its own website where the owner can build his or her brand, generate sales and have a LONG-TERM business. It’s the online version of an offline shop.

Building the RIGHT website is important and can mean the difference between success and failure.

Therefore I do advise you to put in some commitment or investment to create a good long-lasting platform.

Although there are different types of websites, I’ll share what I often use in a niche affiliate marketing business.

The most important thing is your website must provide REAL VALUE to your niche.

I wouldn’t advise looking for short-term “magic pills” or to do blackhat stuff, although many courses and programs teach that.

You’ve probably come across what’s called an affiliate review website, but many go the wrong way by doing “fake reviews” or “fake negative reviews”.

Unfortunately, these are everywhere and attack all types of brand names, products and even individuals just to siphon traffic using their keywords.

I’ve been a victim of it for years.

If you’re interested in learning more, I’ve also written articles about how to spot fake reviews at www.ewenchia.com/fake-reviews and www.ewenchia.com/dont-be-fooled-by-fake-reviews-of-me

The focus must always be on the LONGEVITY of your business.

So we would want to set up a weight loss tips website that shares good information and solutions, among other things.

Here’s how an example website will look like:

By the way, I don’t suggest you become a salesperson just “selling products”.

The internet has changed a lot and it’s different from the past where you could do that and get sales.

Today’s consumers are more educated and spoilt for choices, so you have to do much MORE than just sell.

So what’s the best way to do this?

Using a classic and evergreen affiliate marketing strategy called “PRESELLING” which is what you do before you sell to increase conversion.

The easiest way to do this would be to combine…


Or in other words, use content to presell a product first.

Your role is to focus on helping people solve problems through your content and through EDUCATION. Then that would make the solution you’re offering a natural choice.

So if we set up a weight loss tips website, you’re not just throwing products there. Instead, you would share useful quality content to educate your niche, and then recommend solutions.

If you want to market a weight loss tips ebook, you wouldn’t just put an image of the ebook and buy now link on your website!

Instead, write or outsource an article (or video) content about:

“The Easiest Way To Lose Weight Naturally…Even If You’re The Most Overweight Person In The World!”

Of course, this is just an example 🙂

Anyway, in your content, you want to give good weight loss tips that helps people and provide real value, and then recommend the weight loss ebook as the natural “solution”.

When they buy, you make a commission!

The content will be on your website PERMANENTLY and could be read by thousands of visitors a month, generating you sales on “autopilot”.

Hope that makes sense? Here’s the truth…

You only need ONE good website to make a full-time income online with affiliate marketing.

If you want to start your affiliate marketing website and business without any experience or tech skills, “Complete Business Set Up” is probably one of the best programs to help you.

SOLUTIONS: I’ve mentioned this word many times and it simply means a product or service that solves a problem.

It’s what you recommend to your potential customers to help solve their problem.


Your business must always be a “problem-solution” business focused on providing value. That’s how you make the most money and build it up.

On our weight loss tips website, the solution could either be an ebook, video course or some physical product that solves your niche’s problems.

I’ll show you how to get all these solutions later.

However always promote QUALITY products that help people and create happy returning customers who will even become your fans and evangelists…

This is the real “secret” of a highly-profitable and successful affiliate marketing business.

CONVERSIONS: This is a very important metric although it’s not often talked about. Conversion basically measures your results.

Lets say you have 100 visitors to your weight loss tips website and they read your brilliant article sharing tips how to lose weight naturally…

And out of these 100 visitors, lets say 10 of them decide to buy the ebook because you’ve already educated them, provided value and help upfront (before they even visited the salespage by the way)…

That means you’ve a 10% sales conversion which is pretty darn good, especially when the typical website online converts at just 1%-3%!

You’re also making WAY MORE MONEY from your business without doing anything else and with the same number of visitors. 

Let that sink in.

This is why it’s so important to combine information with any product promotion. Hope you’ll apply this.

The reason is because you will never get sky high conversions by hard selling a product.

Once again, what I’ve just shared with you is called “Preselling” and it’s just ONE of many, many strategies to increase your conversions.

Another very simple strategy in our weight loss business example is to use images and photos of weight loss results on our website.

The reasoning for this is because first, images and photos are always much more effective at conveying the message and creating emotional responses.

Have you heard the phrase “a picture tells a thousand stories”?

You can learn more simple conversion strategies at “Sell Like Crazy” where I reveal many different ways to drastically improve conversions on any website.

COMMISSIONS: This is the rewarding part because that’s where you make money from sales of affiliate products on your website, from your email list or the social media!

As mentioned, the easiest and fastest way to start is with the affiliate marketing business model. However, there are different affiliate programs out there that pay differently and you should know about them.

Mainly they belong to the categories of:

Pay Per Sale, Pay Per Click, Pay Per Lead, Multi-Tier, Recurring and High Ticket.

I’m not going to go into detail of all of them as you can easily search for their definitions.

In general though, most popular affiliate networks like Clickbank and Amazon are Pay Per Sale while network marketing comes under Multi-Tier.

Sometimes a network can also combine different affiliate programs together.

High ticket pays the highest commissions as the name implies. These commissions you earn can be anything from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars PER SALE so it’s really profitable.

For example, here’s one that will make crazy high ticket commissions for you with tons of real testimonials and proof…

Quick Summary And Your Action Plan…

So there you have it, my entire affiliate marketing formula to create both a fast money-making business and a long-term asset!

what is affiliate marketing

Lets quickly summarize what you’ve learned so far…

(IMPORTANT: I can’t go into details or tutorials here or it’ll become an entire affiliate marketing program. If you’re unsure of any technical or “how to” tasks, search for the solution and learn the skills instead of letting this become an obstacle to your goals and dreams. Alternatively, you can outsource or get it “done for you”.)

Your ACTION PLAN And How To Apply This Formula Instantly!

(Make sure to tick each part of the formula if you’ve completed it)

  • PEOPLE: Simply understand that the internet’s a huge information medium with billions of people around the world using it every day to find information so that they can solve their problems.
  • TOPIC: Choose a “niche” or topic for your affiliate marketing business so you can specialize.

Example -> weight loss tips

  • PROBLEMS: Research niche’s problems so you understand their pains and help them to solve it.

Example -> weight loss forums

  • PLATFORM: Create your own value-added website to build your brand, share useful information (content) and recommend solutions (products or services) to help people solve their problems.

Example -> weight loss tips affiliate website

  • SOLUTIONS: Join an affiliate network like Clickbank or Amazon and find a few products to promote as “solutions”. Products MUST be quality and help solve the niche’s problems.

Example -> weight loss tips ebook from Clickbank

  • CONVERSIONS: Don’t be a sales person but be sincere in sharing useful content and helping people by recommending the right solutions, what you learned as “Preselling”. There are many other ways to increase conversions you can also use.

Example -> Weight loss articles on website with useful tips and solutions

  • COMMISSIONS: Choose products that can pay you well and allow you to make different types of commissions. For instance, a higher commission pay per sale product and recurring product.

Example -> Weight loss tips video course and membership site

(NOTE: We do everything above for you in a service like “Done For You Internet Business”)

Coming Up In Your Next Lesson…

In the next lesson coming in a few days, I’ll be showing you how to select the right affiliate products every time and 7 proven ways to promote them quickly so you can make commissions easily!

It’s going to be very exciting so you wouldn’t want to miss it.

You can also attend this FREE online masterclass to learn even more affiliate marketing secrets and how you can become a high-earning affiliate fast!

Hope you enjoyed this lesson and most importantly, benefited from it and will take action on what I’ve shared here. 

Remember to come back for the next lesson and…

Please SHARE & Leave Your Comments Below!

Thanks in advance.

To your success!


Important Resources In This Lesson:

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Super Affiliates www.SuperAffiliates.com
Done For You Internet Business
Keyword Sheeterwww.KeywordSheeter.com
Google Keyword Plannerhttps://ads.google.com
Google Searchwww.Google.com
Fake Reviews – www.ewenchia.com/fake-reviews and www.ewenchia.com/dont-be-fooled-by-fake-reviews-of-me
Sell Like Crazywww.SellLikeCrazy.com
High Ticket Commissionshttp://clicktourl.com/wifi
Affiliate Wealth Masterclasswww.AffWealth.com



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