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How To Use Google Keyword Planner Without Setting Up Any Ads

One of the tasks that you are required to do for your internet business is doing research which includes keyword research. While there are many keyword research tools available on the market, one of the best FREE keyword research tools is still the Google Keyword Planner.

Yet, there is ONE BIG obstacle for you if you have never use Google Keyword Planner before. Now, if you want to use the tool, you’ll be forced open a Google Ads Campaign and input your credit card details before you can use the tool.

We cannot blame Google for doing this. After all, the tool is meant for advertisers to search for keywords and their bidding price.

But I have good news for you. You can easily bypass the setting up of the ads campaign and go straight to the Keyword Planner.

I am going to show you the method in this post and this method ONLY works if you have NEVER tried to use to Google Keyword Planner before. If you already have tried accessing the tool but stuck at the setting up of the ads campaign, then sign up for a new google account.

Without further ado, let’s start!

First, go to Google to search for Google Keyword Planner.

Next, click on the Keyword Planner – Google Ads

Now, click on Go To Keyword Planner and it will prompt you to sign in to Google.

Sign in using a Gmail account that you have never try to use to access the Keyword Planner.


Now, this is the most important part. If you do this wrongly, then you’ll be force to create an ad campaign. You MUST click on Experienced with Google Ads at this page.

Next, continue to click on Create an account without a campaign.

Check the details and edit accordingly to your own country and click SUBMIT.

Click on EXPLORE YOUR ACCOUNT and then you’ll come to this page.

Click Tools & Settings to get to the Keyword Planner Tool.

Now, you are finally at the Google Keyword Planner!

That is how you can bypass the setting up of the ads campaign and go to Google Keyword Planner to make use of the tool for your internet business.

Hope it helps 😀

PS: Google changes it’s interface regularly and if you are not seeing the same interface, just make sure that when you first sign in, always click on the option that says you are experienced or you do not need help to bypass the ad campaign set up.


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