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Free WordPress Plugin For Creating Popup

If you have a WordPress website, I highly recommend this plugin for creating pop-up. This plugin is called Yeloni Exit Pop. There are paid and free versions and the free version is good enough!

It allows you to do create a variety of popups including the following:

1) Social Sharing Popup

 2) Discount Offer Popup

 3) Email Subscripton Popup

 4) Question Popup

 5) Custom Popup

 6) Chat Popup

The popup will only appear when the visitor’s mouse goes out of the boundary of the website and does not need to wait till the visitor exits the page.

Hence, it eliminates the usual internet browsers exit pop for asking the visitor to click to stay on page in order to view the content. It will only shows once and visitors are still able to navigate between pages.

This popup allows you to immediately shows what you want your visitors to see. It also allows the visitors to have the option to close it if they are not interested and continue viewing your website.

Just search for Yeloni Exit Pop in your WordPress Add New Plugin page and install it. Alternatively,

There is a how-to-use video tutorial for you to watch before you configure your exit pop.

Do watch it and use it to create the exit pop for your WordPress website.

I personally use this for another business that I owns and it is bringing me additional revenue 😀

Hope it helps! Thanks!

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