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Love me…

 Have you ever fallen in love or feel like you can’t live without someone? I’m sure you have. Everyone falls in love.
By the way, I do believe there’s a difference between falling IN love and falling INTO love.
Here’s my take (legal disclaimer: I’m not a love expert):
When you fall in love, it’s a stronger than life feeling towards a person or thing.
When you fall into love, you’ve fallen into the idea and feeling of love itself.
Many people tend to think falling in love is reserved for the young, that’s not true of course…
Younger people tend to experience infatuation before love, and I’m DEFINITELY making a sweeping statement here.
That there’re different phases of love as we progress through age and levels in our relationships:
Infatuation leads to passion.
Passion leads to true love.
True love leads to acceptance.
Acceptance leads to understanding.
Understanding leads to responsibility.
Throughout all the phases of love we feel, I STRONGLY feel that the key to better relationships with anyone is…
That’s how we live with each other. That’s world peace.
Yes I’m in love…