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How To Earn More Money Online

Hey! How are you doing?

I’ve been travelling non-stop for training events to many countries but I wanted to share this with you.

That’s because many readers are wondering…

“How do I earn more money online??”

So there are 3 main strategies at work here…

Strategy #1: Make MORE Sales


The most obvious way is to simply make more sales of the product you’re promoting.

This can be either your own or affiliate product, it doesn’t matter as the strategy is the same.

For example, if your net profits per sale is $10, in order to make $1,000, you’ve to sell 100 copies!

This is the LEAST effective method to make more money as you’re simply trading time and effort for dollars with no leverage.

Strategy #2: Make More PER Sale


The next strategy is obviously to make more per sale in order to earn more.

You could sell a $100 product instead of a $10 product, so effort wise, it will take you 10 sales to make $1,000 instead of 100 sales as with the first strategy.

Sounds a lot easier?

Well this is not always a recommended method as it’s about working MUCH harder once again.

I mean, it’s a lot harder to charge higher prices than cheaper prices and you must work harder to get the customer in the door.

This is true unless you’ve a very strong brand, trust and relationship with your market, affiliate support and premium products that justify the price.

So what’s the best option?

Strategy #3: Make More Per CUSTOMER


In Marketing (online or offline), a proven strategy is to make more money from the same customer.

This is a very powerful strategy with high leverage, where you earn more by working less.

Remember, it takes the SAME amount of effort to get a customer.

Often times, this is achieved by utilizing a marketing sales funnel that leads the same customer from a front-end product to optional upsells and backends that benefit him or her.

In Marketing, you’ll thus often see things like “one time offers”, “upsell offers” and “backend offers”.

This is VERY common and almost 99% of internet marketers have this in place within their products…

So get use to it 🙂

The reason marketers do this is simply because it makes good marketing sense, and dollars of course.

You should do the same if you’re a marketer.

Now the thing is, you must provide REAL VALUE and related products that help customers throughout the funnel, and these should be optional.

Meaning, they provide EXTRA help and benefits to the customer, but should not take away from the main product.

This helps you to leverage your marketing and get the “lifetime value” of the customer.

Lets look at an example:

If a customer buys a front end product from you for $50, if you don’t have this strategy in place, you’ll just earn $50.

If you’ve a “one time offer” and other related “backend products”, you could be making A LOT more like $5,000 (!) from the same customer, while providing more value.

I know it’s harder to do this unless you’re very experienced or have a team.

The average beginner will not be able to benefit from this strategy and many will continue to trade their time for dollars and earn minimum profits.

Is there an easier way to take advantage of this strategy immediately without having to wait years or working harder?

Of course there is!

Click here to learn more about it…

Hope this post provides some insights to help you.

Talk soon!

Make noodles and make money online

Hey, Ewen Chia here. LOL I know. How can making noodles be even remotely related to making money online…

Guys, it’s the PROCESS not the noodles. Let me share the story…

A few days ago, my wife bought an electronic noodle maker (yes, there is such a thing!) with much excitement.

Of course, being the handy man of the house, I’ve to find out how the heck to make it work 🙂

ewen chia make money online

What you see above is the END RESULT, yes it worked!

So how does this has to do with making money online??

It got me thinking, A LOT apparently.

Why? Because the process is the SAME.

Now lets look at the lesson and the 3R Formula (yes I just came up with this on the spot lol) to succeed…


For whatever we want to succeed in, it ALWAYS helps to first know what outcome and end results you want to get from your ventures.

This is sometimes called “Outcome based thinking” or “Results in advance” as made popular by my friend and very smart marketer, Frank Kern.

However, to me, it just makes sense to have a GOAL in mind. Without knowing exactly what you want to achieve, you can never get there. I talk about this a lot in my “Make Millions Online” book!

Make noodles: to have great tasting, home made noodles done for you

Make money online: to make $XXXX per month!

So once we’ve identified the outcome we desire, we move to the next step…


In this next step, we then determine and work BACKWARDS what “ingredients” we need in order to achieve that specific end result we want. You must know what goes into the RECIPE 🙂

Make noodles: flour, water, egg, juices (optional)

Make money online: niche, product, website, traffic (example)

Now it’s step 3…


The dictionary defines the word “refine” as: to bring to a finer state or form

In this final step, what we want to do is to find some way to fine tune and possibly “automate” step 2 so it works like a well-oiled SYSTEM which we can follow easily.

We always want to try to make things easier by “automating” the system as much as possible. In this way, we can have more time and less stress.

Make noodles: The noodle making machine!

Make money online: Software, outsource, etc.

So as you can see, making noodles and making money online HAVE a lot in common 🙂

Hope this post gave you some good ideas on how to strategize and plan your internet business!

Talk soon.

Can You Make $3k In A Day?

Hi, Ewen Chia here, and I want to show you an inspiring video.

I use a system to promote MOBE. The great thing about this system that I use is, you do not need your own product to sell.

My strategies follow the simple concepts of affiliate marketing. That basically means that you are promoting another vendor’s product, and you make a commission whenever somebody buys the product through your link.

Think of it as making a sale as a result of a referral. Affiliate marketing is absolutely the best way that any newbie can make income on the internet.

Apart from that, I also have my own marketing funnel. Here is an illustration of that marketing funnel.

Ewen Chia's marketing funnel

As you can see, it is a simple 4 page website. It’s honestly nothing fancy if you ask me. Sometimes we want to over-complicate things when in fact, we should keep things short and simple.

I want to mention too that I invest in a lot of paid traffic. Now a lot of people may cringe at the sound of buying traffic, because they are afraid of taking the risk.

But think of it this way. You need to test your own marketing funnel first.

When you find something that works well for you, you could be making a positive return on investment. For every $1 you invest in traffic, your aim is to make at least $1 to break even.

If you make more, then that’s a profit, and you can reinvest that profit into more paid traffic. That is how you scale things up, so if you can make $1, you can scale things up to make $10, then $100, and so on, until you eventually hit your goal. In time to come, you can even make income on autopilot.

Here’s the good news. I ran many tests on my marketing funnel until it became profitable, and I’m offering a bonus package where my team will build this exact same marketing funnel for you.

Besides that, my bonus package also has a lot of other good stuff. This bonus package will not be up forever, so I suggest you head over to the BONUSES page asap.

I hope this video has inspired you. Let me leave you with a screenshot that will hopefully inspire you as well. This could very well be you in future.


Now go do it!

WAKE UP CALL (Secret To Making Real Money Online)

EwenChiaPhoto I thought I’d write this post for you so that you can succeed online for sure…

In fact, if you act upon the information here, YOU WILL SUCCEED.

You see, here’s the reality and this will probably hit a few hot buttons…

With the vast number of diffferent business models, methods and products available  online today to help you start an internet business and  hopefully make money online…

I’ll be as LOST as many of you if I was just starting from scratch!

I do get it.

I do see your point.

That it’s not easy at all.

You know what?

It’s time for a huge WAKE UP CALL!

Why? Because apart from the direction you need and the many choices you’ve to make, a HUGE cause of failure has everything to do with…



Meaning, you. Yes, you and only you, are responsible for your own success or failure, not anyone else, not me, not them, but you.

Like it or not – the truth can hurt. This is going to sting but it needs to be said especially at this time.

Remember (and I’m not necessarily referring to anyone in particular but)…

Losers complain, whine and blame others. Winners just DO whatever it takes to succeed, with NO excuses.

Now before you go yelling at me, let me explain…

Most people do NOT think and do what is required. It’s too hard work.

What? Think and do? What’s that??

Thinking about your plan and goals – and acting on them to make them real.

Look at your options and decide your path.

Then write out your PLAN and goals and apply them.

That’s all that matters.

Without a plan and goals to drive, motivate yourself and act upon, no products can help you.

It doesn’t have to be a 500 page business plan, just something simple to tell yourself what you want to achieve in a certain time period.

I suggest you read my book “Make Millions Online” immediately if you haven’t yet.

Really read it, take notes and THINK about it.

Here’s why…

It will give you the direction and plan.

With the benefits of hindsight and experience (after spending 17 years online and making millions of dollars for real) let me tell you what’s working for me…

My biggest success comes from…


It’s funny, sometimes when you tell it like it is, many people still don’t “get it” and continue chasing shiny objects everywhere.

Or they complain they can’t do it because they lack the skills and knowledge.

Go get the skills and knowledge then!

Who’s stopping you?


Listen, let me say it again…

My biggest success comes from…


Get it?

All successful marketers stick by this. Doesn’t matter if you’ve just started, thinking of starting or have done this for years…


Whether in 2015 or beyond. In fact, it’s going to be even more important in the future.

Get it?

Get it??

Get it???

It’s what you’ve probably been searching for, heard about it but didn’t register before.

Well take your time, it took me 5 years to “get it” way back then (but now I’m providing  you with an instant “short-cut” to success by telling you this!)

Once I did get it, took action and DID what I was supposed to, I became wildly successful!

And you know what?


I encourage and challenge you to do so.

So let me repeat (again), the “secret” to making real money online, even millions, is simply by…


Once more, read my book to get the full picture, there’s way more explanation there as to why it works and HOW it works.

Now the question is…

If you want to build and monetize your own email list, how the heck do you start?

You need to understand the BIG PICTURE first and what you need…

(By the way, I love big pictures as it helps you know what you’re doing. I coined my own term for it called “Big Picture Marketing” :-))

Here’s the big picture to help you build and monetize your list:

Big Picture List Building By Ewen Chia

May take some time to decipher as my writing and drawing is not the best.

But this is the simplest way to do it so you can build your list and make money at the same time.

Here’s what you need, this is what I call a “money-getting” formula…


A squeeze page is simply a ONE page website whose only objective is to get  prospects’ contact information or email addresses…

Keep it simple. It can be ugly and still make millions.

No distraction or other ads.



You need to sell a product to make money, it can be your own or a merchant’s product.

To keep it simple, it can be a merchant’s product (affiliate marketing) so you just need to redirect subscribers who optin from your squeeze page to your affiliate link!

You can promote an affiliate offer that pays you $20-$50 per sale, or one that has the potential to earn you up to $5,000 a sale. 

Which makes more sense, especially if it takes the same effort to promote either one? As I said in my book, making high commissions is a much better option, all things being equal.


You MUST learn to write great, money-making email messages that SELL.

You can write a series of them and presave them in your autoresponder campaign, and also send email broadcasts to your list of subscribers.


Master a few traffic strategies to promote your squeeze page…

Keep sending traffic so you grow your list and make money daily!

Oh yes, you need a PROFESSIONAL autoresponder service so you can capture, store, manage and email your list. I recommend Autorespond.com (it’s what I use).

These 4 components that you see above make up what’s commonly known as a MARKETING/SALES FUNNEL.

If you had heard or read of that phrase before, that’s what it means.

Go get the necessary skills and knowledge to do all the above WELL.

Become a MASTER at building and monetizing lists.

Become an EXPERT in creating proven marketing funnels that captures prospects and turns them into customers.

Here’s an example of one of my million dollar marketing funnels:

Ewen Chia Marketing Funnel

Creating such a marketing funnel isn’t something most people can do overnight.

In all honesty, it will probably take A LOT of effort, time, testing and experience – but it will be worth it.

An option is to outsource the creation to experts, if you have the money!

It will realistically cost you at least $5,000 for a custom marketing funnel like what I have…

Or you can get it FREE…

I’ve a time-sensitive option for you to have your own complete and custom marketing funnel designed, created and set up entirely free. It’s the whole works and something you own and  earn from FOR LIFE.

You can click here to see if it’s still available if you’re interested…

Anyway, once you’ve mastered the “secret” I shared with you today, you’ll NEVER be short  of money again because you can make your own money online. Seriously.

And that’s a real promise.

It works in almost every niche and business model online by the way.

By the way, you may or may not know, but one of my most popular products, “Autopilot Profits”,  teaches you this “secret” in a lot more detail, plus give you tools and more, including a quick 5-minute  set up that you can start with immediately.

You can check it out here.

Hope you enjoyed this post and wishing you a prosperous 2015!

Make Money On Vacation

Well, I just came back from a much needed vacation in Sydney and it was great!

Here’s a pic where we went dolphin watching…


And here’s a video of the dolphins!


Had a great time in Sydney and when I got back…

Here’s what I saw in the mail:

Multiple Monthly Checks, Multiple Streams Of Income!



This is the Hostgator check I was showing you in the video:

So how would you like to get paid while on vacation and live the internet lifestyle?

How did I earn consistent monthly checks from companies like Hostgator, Aweber, Clickbank, SFI and more while on vacation?

How do you make multiple streams of income on COMPLETE AUTOPILOT even when you’re not on the computer??

I want to share with you TWO very important internet marketing strategies to do all these and more, and they are actually VERY SIMPLE…

Multiple Opportunities:


This just means having multiple monetization opportunities, not just one.

By joining different programs that each pay you and by diversifying your income potential, you have MORE opportunities for making sales.

It makes perfect sense.

If you’ve read my “Make Millions Online” book, then you’d know why I said it’s important to focus on making multiple streams of income.

You can still focus, but on a few programs like I do.

Multiple Exposures:


This is one of the many strategies I teach in Super Affiliate Millionaire

All it means is you use multiple channels to expose your marketing, selling and product recommendations.

Don’t stick to just one way to expose your message, use whatever channels you can find and put your message EVERYWHERE!

This means putting your message on your websites, blogs, emails, reports, products, videos, social media and really, anywhere which allows you to reach an audience.

For example, I put my Hostgator affiliate link all over the place.

It’s on THIS very post, on this blog, my other websites, my emails, my products, my facebook page…all at once. You get the drift.

I’m basically creating MULTIPLE exposures for my recommendations to be seen – which works well as you can tell.

Here’s the simple principle why this works:

The more you expose your offers, the more people will see and buy it.



We’re now in December 2014 and 2015 is just around the corner!

Have you started doing anything at all to ensure 2015 is a better year for yourself, your family and your business?

Good news is, it’s not too late (it’s never too late) to start planning and taking action.

(My next post will talk about that and it will be a HUGE WAKE UP CALL for you)

Bad news is, some people will still not take action.

5 years, 10 years from now it will still be the same.

You need to get out of your comfort zone, focus on becoming successful and take action. Remember…

“With every action, comes a reaction”

In other words…

With no action, there will be NO reaction and changes.

Wishful thinking gets you nowhere. You’ve got to make the change YOURSELF.

If you want expert help and a quick start to become successful with your own internet business so that you can begin 2015 on a great foot, then an option is to…

Click here to get your entire business completely done for you…

Have a great day and I’ll talk to you soon 🙂

Hope this helps.

Online Marketing Secrets – Secret #30 – Multiple Streams Of Income

Ewen Chia photo Online Marketing Secret Number 30:

 Multiple streams of income isn’t just a suggestion, it’s your only hope.

The reason why you need several streams of internet income is the same reason there is more than one source of food in the world.

If there wasn’t, and something happened to the one source of food, without something to replace it, we’d all starve.

It is absolutely essential to your success as a marketer that you have more than one way to make money. Anything can happen, you never know. If you make money from just one marketing method, something new could be invented tomorrow to make that method obsolete. If you make money from just one product, what happens if that product is a runaway best seller – and then you have nothing to follow it up with?

If you make your sales from just ebooks, you’re missing out on the potential to make more doing group consulting, seminars or membership sites. Or, if you’d rather just write ebooks, because you’re great at it at that’s what you love to do, don’t stop at one.

And think about expanding into audio and video. Broadband access has exploded in all markets that are most able to afford higher priced goods. Take full advantage of this.

Applying action to any of those tips could make you rich beyond your wildest dreams. Maybe you already know that – but then, you don’t become wealthy just from knowing things. First you get some knowledge.

Then you gain confidence in your ability to apply that knowledge. Then you actually apply it. Then you make your fortune.

Then, instead of stopping there, you do it over and over. Then, you get to keep your fortune, start making money faster than you can spend it, and become wealthy.

The true secret to this technique is to expand it to every single way you can make money with your business.

Print this post out and tape it to your computer. It is that important. Millions of dollars have been made in getting people to understand that one, single concept.

You should be making more money from the clients you already have by selling to them repeatedly.

Each of the people who have already bought from you are giving you a special message: “I trusted enough to buy from you once, and I’m interested in what you sold me.” What else can you sell them?

You should be making more money by having more than one product to sell.Online Marketing Secret #30 – Multiple Streams Of Income

About half of the people who become successful in internet marketing have short-lived success for two reasons. Either they focus only on getting new people to buy their last product, or because even the thought of getting more sales to one product is a concept that eludes them. Develop a product line of related material.

You should be making more money from each purchase made at your site.

Bundle things. Turn your product into a re-occurring income. Sell them affiliate products in the same niche. If they bought from you once, they probably want to buy from you again. If you want to be rich, end your fear of sales. Read The Enlightened Salesperson published by Rok Hrastnik.

People want to buy. People love to buy. They just don’t like being sold to. Help them. Let them buy from you and don’t make it hard.

If you want to make more money, the easiest way is to think of how you can create more value for your client from what you already specialize in.

If you wrote an ebook on making money from eBay, do an video series and sell that. Sell your webinar access to the same crowd. Give them an hour of consulting by an expert at an unheard-of price. Set up monthly consults on how to improve their sites.

We all get in the habit of thinking our specialized knowledge is just common sense. But each of us have hundreds of secrets inside us, information we might think isn’t worth much because we don’t remember how it felt to make what we used to make in a week in a single day. (Even if you’re flat broke, you remember what it was like to think $5 or $20 is a lot of money.)

So hit the blogs, go to forums and see what people’s pains are and what they’re responding to – and I’ll bet you that you’ll find dozens of conversations where you think to yourself “oh, I know the answer to that.” Statistics show that only about 1 in 26 people having a particular pain will actually complain to someone to try and solve it.

So for every post you read, just in that audience, the market is at least 25 times bigger than the 50 or so people who participated in the discussion with a solution (because they once had the problem) or who said “me too” because they have it now.

The markets are already there. Go print out the entire Online Marketing Secrets Series and use them to provide solutions.

To Your Success!

Online Marketing Secrets – Secret #29 – The Personal Touch

Ewen Chia photo Online Marketing Secret Number 29:

 The personal touch creates loyal clients.

We’re so used to it being missing that we don’t even notice any more. The personal touch on the internet is often all but a ghost story in most online industries.

We simulate it all the time, in autoresponders, even sales pages with names subtly embedded.

But the actual person to person interaction isn’t that frequent in the commercial online world.Online Marketing Secret #29 – The Personal Touch

The good news for you is that this is another place where you can compete. The smaller your client base is, the more you’ll be able to gain by taking the extra time to connect with your audience one on one.

Call your best clients to say hello or send them all a postcard. Put your instant messenger name on your blog and chat with your audience one day a week.

The appeal of this is easy to see. If you have the choice between spending $200 with an expert whose books you read and an expert whose books you read and had great personal interactions with, chances are you’ll choose the person who paid you some personal attention.

Of course, eventually, you’ll be too busy to keep in daily touch person to person if all goes well. In the time being, exploit this as strength and close in on your competitor.

Online Marketing Secrets – Secret #28 – Don’t Put All Your Eggs In One Basket

Ewen Chia photo Online Marketing Secret Number 28:

 The famous “don’t put all your eggs in one basket” saying is true.

Applied to internet marketing, this means that you can’t get tied to just one way to market your business and hope to get very far.

True, once you become very successful, you may end up leaning heavily on a huge list you’ve built, or a group of JV partners.

However, while you’re still moving from part-time to full time or from struggling entrepreneur to successful business owner, you want to use as many available ways to market your business as possible.

Online Marketing Secret #28 – Don’t put all your eggs in one basket

The more ways there are for people to hear about you, the more ways there are for them to hear about your competitor first.

Don’t reject new ways of gaining market share just because you don’t understand them. Learn the new trends, test them and then decide.

Don’t just use free traffic methods.

Even if they work great for you over the long-term, you can sometimes get better short term results from advertising.

Online Marketing Secrets – Secret #27 – Pre-selling

Ewen Chia photo Online Marketing Secret Number 27:

 Preselling works.

What is better than having a sales letter that converts really well? Having the customer sold before they even get to the sales letter.

This has happened to you before at some point. Your favorite actress is going to be in a new movie. You adore that actress and you don’t really care what the movie is about, because if she’s in it, you know it will be a good film as far as you’re concerned.Online Marketing Secret #27 – Preselling

The same mental process comes across with preselling. You learn about something new, or get ideas about how someone could use a certain product from an article.

By the time you get to the site, your only concern is “can I afford this.” You skim the sales letter for the price and purchase.

The person is sold because they were informed, excited, and pre-qualified or targeted before they ever get to the sales page.

You can pre-sell in:

  • a content site that leads to your mini-site
  • in your ezine
  • in an article you write
  • at a seminar where you give a speech or demo
  • within your blog posts

What’s most important for you to know is that selling before the sale works – do it everywhere you can.

Online Marketing Secrets – Secret #26 – Viral Marketing

Ewen Chia photo Online Marketing Secret Number 26:

 Make your business grow on its own – here’s how.

Make everything about your business as viral as possible. Most people limit this to marketing, and it’s surely an important aspect.

What is viral marketing? Put simply, it’s any type of marketing that you get started that keeps growing. Much like pushing a boulder down a hill, once you get it rolling, it keeps going on its own.

Online Marketing Secret #26 – Viral Marketing

Don’t stop with marketing, though. You want viral sales – make a product that creates a desire for even better results.

You want to make your money viral – don’t just spend your profit, put it where it’s going to create more money for your business.

Get the most results you can out of any singular process.