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Everything You Need to Know About Squeeze Page!

Squeeze page is a commonly used jargon in the internet business. It is a website whose main objective is to capture email addresses.

Squeeze page is also known as an optin-page, landing page, email capture page and lead magnet page.

However, in our teaching, we like to refer it as a squeeze page as it squeezes the email address out of the visitors.

In this post, we are going to discuss everything you need to know about the squeeze page and the dynamics of a squeeze page.

Here is an example of a simple squeeze page.

A squeeze page consists of several components.

1) Headline

The headline is the title or main description about what the squeeze page has to offer.

It usually offers a potential benefit such as solution or gift to entice the visitors to enter their details so that they can get the information that they want.

2) Subheadline

Subheadline is usually the additional description or benefits to explain what the visitors potentially may get if he enters his email address.

3) Call To Action

Call to action is the direct instructions telling the visitor what he needs to do in order to get the information that he wants.

For squeeze page, the call to action is usually: “Enter Your Email For …” It instructs the visitors to enter their email address

4) Access/Download Button

This is the button that is connected to your autoresponder and helps to direct your visitors to the thank you page when they have filled up the required details and clicked on the button.

5) Thank You Page

This is the website that you want the visitors to go to AFTER they enter their email addresses.

You can get the visitors to go to an affiliate product page, stay on the same page, or any website after they enter their email addresses. You just need to decide the thank you page URL.

6) Subscribers

After the visitors enter their email addresses, they become your subscribers. Sometime, they are also known as leads.

7) Autoresponder

In order to capture the email address and be able to follow up with them via emails, you need an autorespondder to do this.

An autoresponder is a SAAS and you need to pay for it. It helps you to manage the email contacts and also allows you to send email to your subscribers.

With the autoresponder, it records the time, date and IP  when the visitor provides the email address at the squeeze page.

This proves that visitor has given you permission to email them.

You can get one here: http://ProfessionalResponder.com

8) Optin Form Code

This is the web form code or script that connects your squeeze page to your autoresponder. You get this code from your autoresponder.

9) Follow-Up Emails

This is the series of emails that will be sent automatically to your subscribers after they provided their email address at your squeeze page. You can prepare the follow-up emails in advance in your autoresponder.

You can send out newsletter broadcast or prepare autoresponder email series.

I have written an article earlier on which is better and more effective for what kind of occasions. You can read it here.

10) Optin Rate

Optin rate refers to how well your squeeze page converts. It means the number of new subscribers divided by the number of visitors.

A typical optin rate for an internet marketing squeeze page is about 30%-40% for soloads traffic.

Different niches and different traffic sources will have different optin rate.

This is the basic that you need to know about the squeeze page. If you like to know more about squeeze pages and building an email list, attend this free masterclass here.

Hope it helps.

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