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“Secret Million-Dollar Program”

This program is only available 1-2 times a year where we take students step-by-step to internet success. It’s a top-level secret program that’s very exclusive.

The program is not cheap. However, if you’re looking to finally succeed online with your own profitable internet business, then this is it.

The enrollment fee for the program is one-time US$9,997.00.

Please only invest if you’re really serious about becoming successful online (It will take some work).

All sales are final and there are no refunds.

Sign up when you’re ready but act fast as we will close the door soon.

What You Get In This Program:

In this accelerated success program, we personally mentor you to start making real money online…plus we’ll even build your entire business for you…

Here’s what you get when you’re successfully accepted into the program:

  • Your Entire Custom “Million-Dollar” Internet Business And Sales Funnel Is Designed, Created And Fully Built FOR YOU

We will design, create and fully set up your entire internet business for you so you can make money fast and for the long-term.

You’ll get a custom and high-converting “digital information product” business which includes a complete sales funnel that builds your list and make you UNLIMITED income on complete autopilot once it’s fully set up.

In this business, you’ll recognized as a co-author and partner with Ewen Chia, and you’ll get co-branding rights. This is the fastest and best way to build your own brand, by leveraging on someone who’s already successful!

The business will be in the very profitable niche of “Internet Marketing” and “Make Money Online”, with MILLIONS of potential customers every month.

The subscriber and customer lists you build and money you make (front end, one-time offers and backends) are fully your own, no royalties are given to us.

I’m going to use my years of expertise to create your business, so you can be sure this will truly be a business you’ll fully own and capable of even making millions if you want it to.

The business we create for you belong to you FOR LIFE and all profits are yours.

This is just the start because…

  • We’ll Also Create Your Fan Page And Blog With Content For You

This includes your own fan page and blog filled with content so that you’ve a COMPLETE business.

Today it’s essential that you connect with your customers on different channels so these are part of your business.

  • You Get Complete Step-By-Step Coaching To Learn A “Million-Dollar” Skill And Replicate The Digital Information Product Business

Don’t worry, you’ll also receive complete and step-by-step secret coaching in multimedia videos and more.

This shows you exactly how the entire business works and how you can duplicate the entire process if you want to.

Everything is revealed and taught to you in simple terms, including how to run your business and make money. This is proprietary secret information not revealed elsewhere but here.

I believe in education not just to spoon feed you, therefore this lets you get an education and a SKILL to make money in future.

As the saying goes:

“Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime”

Now, all it takes is just a couple of minutes a day doing some very simple tasks to build your 5-6 figure per month income.

Just follow our instructions and you’ll be on your way to huge results.

  • You Get 12 Full Months Of ONE-TO-ONE Mentoring And Priority Support

This is an important part of the program because for you’ll have real mentoring and priority support for your business.

You get the ONE-TO-ONE attention and help you need to succeed, through LIVE SKYPE and priority email support from our team.

You can come direct to us anytime you want for 12 full months to focus and work on your business.

This mentoring and priority support will be instrumental to your success and growth as an internet business owner. In fact…

It’s what will MAKE THE DIFFERENCE between your success and failure online.

You’ll be mentored and supported by a team with the experience, and track record in building multiple million-dollar businesses.

Real mentoring and support is not cheap and can cost thousands of dollars. It’s included in the program for you.

You Get Everything To Succeed In ONE Program!

When you’re accepted as part of the program…

  • You’re GUARANTEED to have your own business and sales funnel
  • You’re GUARANTEED to get real training, coaching and mentoring
  • You’re GUARANTEED to build your own email list
  • You’re GUARANTEED to make sales and money if you follow instructions
  • You’re GUARANTEED to finally become successful online!

Now obviously it takes two hands to clap so we do need you to be serious and to follow instructions, but we’ll be there to guide you every step of the way.

Current availability: 2 slots

Enrolment Fee: One-Time US$9,997.00

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