“It’s Only You”
Music & Lyrics: Ewen Chia

This is a somewhat personal post with a potential to hurt your ear so be warned 😁

As many people may know (I’ve told the story before), I got into the online business back in 1997 because I wanted to promote my music. I thought I was going to be a pop star 🎵!

I’ve never stopped my passion for music as it’s in my heart and soul. I remember writing my first song in my head when I was 17 looking out of the window in college while the class was going on.

Many of my college classmates could probably remember as I was caught and they had a good laugh. I was also caught in front of hundreds of students during my economics lecture by the lecturer as I was writing lyrics instead of listening, and I believed my lyrics were confiscated. Those were the days.

Throughout these years, I’ve never stopped writing songs and have probably hundreds of them as I’m so passionate about music (I could sit down and write a few songs in a day!). I consider myself a “closet songwriter” and bathroom singer (be warned) 😱

I’ve never let anyone hear my songs as I’m just too shy about it and critical of them as well. The only ever time was during my wedding when I played the song I wrote for my wife. That was 22 years ago.

So those hundreds of songs are still hidden somewhere in cassettes (yes!), CDs and hard drives.

Well the time has come to come clean.

I figured I’m just too old now and recently had the audacity (pardon the pun) to think MAYBE people may like these songs and they may actually inspire and create some sort of good emotions.

Oh during the circuit breaker, I wrote quite a few songs and recorded them. So here goes nothing…

This is one of them called “It’s Only You” written in April, celebrating love and dedicated to that special someone in your life 💕 (we all have them). Yes I’m pretty mushy and honestly, a romantic at heart. The lyrics are below and I sang on the song, so please have mercy.

I did enter the song into #USAInternationalSongwritingCompetition recently and hope it won’t be thrown away among the thousands of entries.

Hopefully you’ll like it and if it’s positive, I may just torture you further by sharing more songs in the future LOL 🤞.

Thanks for listening and please help by SHARING if you like it!

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“It’s Only You”

It’s only love that I’m feeling
When I look into your eyes, I can see a paradise
When I hold you, I’m so blessed that you are mine
Though the world is cold outside
Can’t you feel my heart’s on fire

I’ve never needed anyone, the way that I need you
And no matter what will come, you know, I’ll be with you


It’s only you, I’ll give my heart to
It’s only you, I’ll love deep and true
I’ll take your hand and walk by your side
Step by step through the rest of your life

Before you came, I was hurting
Never thought someone could be
Unreservedly loving me

As I hold you in my arms, I will say to you
That you’re the only one, I want, I want to thank you

Repeat Chorus

Life, it’s enough that you’re here with me
Time, wouldn’t change a thing

Repeat Chorus

Copyright (C) Ewen Chia Ti Wah – All Rights Reserved Worldwide.

“Blue Love”
Music & Lyrics: Ewen Chia

Thanks so much for the support and warm reception to “It’s Only You” and for giving me the courage to share my songs 🤪

You can’t imagine how fearful it was and how much hesitation before I made the decision and how much it meant to me, so thank YOU!

So as promised, I will torture you with another song lol.

This is also a new song written after “It’s Only You” called “Blue Love” (no naughty thoughts please) and it’s truly one of my personal favourites.

I grew up on a staple of hard rock and pop rock music in the 80s and 90s and had always loved the power ballad…

So this is my own power ballad with guitars and all!

The song is about being in the “friend zone” and being too afraid to confess your feelings for that someone for fear of losing him or her, and so you eventually do and end up still pining for that person years later.

Please do LIKE and SHARE this if you enjoyed it. Thanks! 🙏🙏🙏

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“Blue Love”

Why do I always hide the words that I just need to say
I just tell myself that it’s ok
Now I’m looking at the phone, just like any day
Hoping that you’ll call me right away

It’s been years since I first met you
Secretly I’ve been wanting you


My love is blue, ‘cause I don’t have you
When I see you walking by
How I wish you could be mine
My love is blue, my heart is true
Oh my love is you

Now I’m sleeping all alone, with no one by my side
Dreaming I’m the one with you tonight

I just want to hold you tight
Kiss you on your lips and say goodnight

Repeat Chorus

Don’t you know that I need you, that is all the truth
I would give anything for you

I go crazy when we touch, baby won’t you take it
Here’s my heart

Repeat Chorus

Copyright (C) Ewen Chia Ti Wah – All Rights Reserved Worldwide.

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