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Getting your own Facebook Business Manager account

Minding Your Facebook Business

Facebook is one of the newest methods of advertising on the internet. It provides internet marketers a great tool to venture into advertisements online, as the cost per click is reasonably low, and the features available for the users are really powerful.

There is absolutely no cost in having a Facebook page of your own, regardless of the actual use of the page. You could make a page for your pet dog if you liked.

Of course, that is not what we are looking at. We want to get a page for you to be able to promote your products and services.

Regardless of the industry that you are in, you can have a page that advertises your product or service to the masses for free.

The Business Manager is a great way for you to control all your accounts without having to use your personal Facebook account to manage your page. You are also able to control multiple pages and advertisements in a more organized page.

You can also give other accounts power over your pages and your Business Manager, with this, you can run your business without the hassle using one account, and having to hand over control over that account to anyone that may need to access your pages or ads.


Getting Your Account

If you have a Facebook account, you can save a bit of work. You will need to have a Facebook personal account in order for you to make a Facebook business account to be created, but it is quite easy to register for a Facebook personal account here: https://www.facebook.com

Setting an account takes seconds; you can even make a page easily!


Getting Into Your Business Manager

Now that you have gotten a Facebook account, you can proceed by creating your own Facebook Business Manager: https://business.facebook.com/

To make your account, you will need to be logged into your personal Facebook account, you will now have to create the Business account.

After which, you would be asked to name your business, if you do not have a business name you can just use your name to apply for your Business Manager.

After that, you will get to your main landing page:


Here, you can have access to the various pages made under your Business account; this is also separate from the personal pages that you have made.

With your Business Manager account, you can now take a look at the two main features:

1.) Making and managing pages.

2.) Making and running advertisements.

We will cover the rest in a different post, but for now you can take a look at your Business Manager.



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